January 20, 2017
(From our trip in Hawaii where I took a picture of a couple on the beach. I approached them and asked if they would like me to send them a copy - little did I know what it would mean to them.)

I always get nervous sending a note to a teacher.  Please don't grade my paper.  It's hard for me to tell you how much your picture means to me. We planned this trip to Hawaii two years ago for our 30th wedding anniversary.  Thanksgiving day my younger sister was diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition.  It was up in the air if we would be able to go, or should go.  We had her blessing to go and have fun.  Simple  things like a sunset become more meaningful when you are reminded life is short.  Now we are back home, back to work.  Enjoying walking the dogs by the river with my sister.  My husband has the picture as his screen saver.  I'm going to have it printed and framed so I can enjoy that sunset for years. I know this is a long thank you with a terrible lack of punctuation but, I really want you to understand that you may have no idea what one of your photos can mean to a stranger.  

We wish you good health and joy for the new year,

Dean and Marie
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