December 31 - 2018 Best Photo
Choosing just one photo from a year long project is tough.
I love the colour and motion in this photo of smarties.
December 30 - Frosty
The snowman of course!

December 29 - Lights
Just Bokeh,
and nothing but the bokeh!
 - that is all!
December 28 - Outside
So far we have been blessed with a mild winter.
So mild in fact that some of my plants in the garden are still green.
Just wait though...
January is on its' way.
December 27 - New
A new recipe for Gingerbread cake!
December 26 - Aftermath
When the toys are all unwrapped,
the wrapping paper is all picked up,
the company has all gone home,
and the toddler needs a little rest.
December 25 - Gift
The best gift of all -
Family for Christmas.
Especially when you get a surprise visit from your 
son and daughter-in-law
who live far away.
December 24 - Family
Pre-Christmas Eve Mass family selfie.
Not a bad re-creation of a previous photo - 
but missing a few more family members this year.
Merry Christmas to those far and near.
Missing all of you who can't be with us this season.
December 23 - Festive
Have a holly, jolly Starbucks.   😂😜

December 22 - Scarf

December 21 - Joy
Joy is brightness in a world of darkness.
December 20 - Stockings
When a puppy finds her stocking and is looking for the treats that are usually in it.
December 19 - Self-Portrait
Musings over an empty coffee cup.
December 18 - Shapes
Looking for something unique as my husband was making our dinner;
I decided to play with my food.
Ovals and circles;
rice and a pea.
December 17 - Starts with "A"
Help. I seem to be stuck in a sesame street vortex.
A is for Apple!
December 16 - I Want....
Christmas Cookies!!!
December 15 - Tiny
Trying out my new extension tubes on my macro lens to
take some ice crystal shots.
December 14 - Fire
Sirens screaming in the night;
it was loud;
gave me a fright.
I hope the end turned out alright;
and in the end had a peaceful night.
December 13 - Sparkly
It's that sparkly time of year!
Love the way the lights in the theatre auditorium
shine through these sparkly crystal leaves.
December 12 - Weather
December chinooks make for wet patches
laced with a little ice just for fun.
December 11 - Candle
Love the detail in the wax and the way it lights up.
Come out of the darkness into the light and let your uniqueness shine bright.
December 10 - Red and White
Glowing red Christmas lights reflect on an iconic
piece of architecture in downtown Calgary.
December 9 - Lazy
Some random strangers enjoying lazy evening in the company of friends.
December 8 - Contrast
Black and white;
light and dark;
shiny and dull;
colourful and grey;
as the song of the bell shatters the still of the night.
December 7 - Triangles
Architecture is a geometric pursuit...
how many triangles can you see?
December 6 - Lines
The parkade goes round and round;
and it comes out here.
(inspired by Music Goes 'Round and Around by Ella Fitzgerald)
December 5 - A New Angle
Look up,  look wa-a-ay up!
Anyone old enough to identify that quote?
December 4 - Colourful
A beautiful colourfully lit building downtown.
December 3 - Walking
Hurry in the chilly evening air
of early winter;
but wait for the walk light.
December 2 - Money
The rush of money spinning away from you 
at this merry festive shopping frenzied
time of year.
December 1 - Abstract
Practicing some long exposure night shots at the traffic light.
Nope I wasn't the one driving :)

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