March 31 - Game
Now that's what I call a game face!
What do you do when it's snowing when you were going to go to the park?
Learn to play battling tops!

March 30 - Texture
Feel the cold, crunchy snow.
Try to pick it up.
Feel your nails digging in to the sharp ice crystals?
March 29 - Music
The Carillon 
A Carillon is a percussion instrument of tower bells which is played from a large keyboard. This Carillon is in the Peace Tower at the Canadian Parliament. It has 53 bronze bells covering 4 1/2 octaves. The sound of the music it plays can be heard regularly through the streets of Ottawa.
March 28 - Buttons
An old telecommunication machine from the Diefenbaker years.
March 27 - Chaos
Chaos of War - 
A display of what artillery rounds were like.
Some were packed with these marble-sized lead balls.
The burst from the shell when it detonated in the air.
They caused devastating injuries to victims. 
March 26 - Ground
Shadows on the Ground
This morning while visiting my son's farm I noticed the sun shining through his big beautiful window.
The shadows it cast on the hardwood floor from the wood banister were striking.
I love the sun flare and the prism effect of the sun shining through the glass.
Beautiful Ottawa morning!
March 25 - Depth
Spring life on the trees in Spencerville Ontario. 
What a beautiful day to walk around and see my sons and daughter-in-laws
 beautiful property for the first time.
Shot at 1/160 5.6

March 24 - Soft
Fur or feathers?
I couldn't choose between fur or feathers.
Soft as a bear relaxing in his cave.
Which do you think is softer; fur or feathers?
March 24 - Soft
Fur or feathers?
I couldn't choose between fur or feathers.
Soft as a feather in a soft pink colour.
Which do you think is softer; fur or feathers?

March 23 - Lines
This rope bridge was the perfect shot for lots of lines.
The texture of the ropes as well as the multiple directional lines adds interest to the shot.
The soft green background softens the look of the photo;
while the ropes continue to draw your eye back and off to the left edge of the photo.

March 22 - Culture
Animals may not be what you think of when you hear the world culture.
These little meerkats however; have a better understanding of the word than some of us.
These little creatures live in cultural groups that have unique practices to their particular group.
They work tirelessly together in combination to create community,
and they even babysit each other's pups.
They can even recognize each other's voices.
March 21 - Spring
I couldn't choose between this and the chickadee;
so I decided to have two projects for today.
I love the line of the melting river with the reflection in it.
March 21 - Spring
A fluffy little black-capped chickadee
sitting and enjoying the beautiful spring sun.
March 20 - Three things
Three little penguins; one was a nutter,
Then I came by and clicked my shutter.

March 19 - Manmade
A lovely time at the zoo this weekend gave me the opportunity
to work ahead shooting a few of this weeks projects.
This beautiful sign is at the entrance of one of the TransAlta Rainforest Exhibit.
The quote really speaks to our need for awareness of the human impact on our earth.
What is manmade must not be in conflict with what nature has made;
rather it should work in harmony for the betterment of all.
March 18 - Table
What a fabulous use of a table and a great way to spend the day
My cousin came to help my mom and I with our family tree project.
What projects bring your family together around the table?
March 17 - Green
"I'm looking over a four leaf clover,
That I overlooked before.
First is the sunshine, the second is rain,
Third is the roses that bloom in the lane!" - Willie Nelson
Have you ever taken a shot that brings song lyrics to your head?
March 16 - Lips
Took awhile to figure out what to shoot for this.
Very pleased with my results.
I love the composition, texture, colour and depth of field in this shot.
Do you ever find that the pictures that take the longest to plan
turn out to be the best?

March 15 - Opposites
Well I guess this is a black and white photo. 😉
March 14 - Play
Play, play that's what I do all day!
Children playing are the hurricane in my life.
I really wanted to capture how busy kids can be in my classroom
So through the use of a longer shutter speed I caught lots of motion in this picture.

March 13 - Spoon
I wanted to create a reflection for the spoon but keep it dark.
I put the spoon in a black product box but placed a mirror under it to create the reflection.
Shooting with low light kept the reflections off the mirror and the spoon to create this dark and dull look.
March 12 - Simple
Focusing on colour and shape seemed like a good idea for this project. 
The bright red ball draws your eye upward with its arrow. 
The red reflection in the black wood emphasizes the depth in the picture. 
March 11 - Laughing
Baby giggles as this little guy finds the baby in the mirror!
March 10 - Bokeh
A cold weekend limits subject matter so this little Woodstock became my portrait subject. 
Now to find the bokeh element - an led unicorn light it is.  
March 9 - F is for....
Freezing, frigid and frosty!
Feeling like I am living in a freezer!
Too cold to take a picture outside so I took it through my windshield.

March 8 - Out of Place
Which one of these things doesn't belong here?
A picture of my life at school on a regular basis.
Teaching students to video edit requires a lot of technology.

March 7 - Spinning Around
I knew that a long exposure to capture the motion of something spinning was what I wanted for this project.
After lots of experimenting I settled on my grandsons toy spinning on a plate.
I chose the plate to emphasize that the picture was in fact in focus.
The blur comes only from the motion of the toy spinning.
March 6 - Silhouette
Wishing for spring!
Stories of deception!
How do you take a silhouette when there is no sun in the cold winter?
How do you take a picture of birds who are hiding from the weather?
How do you take pictures of plants springing up for the warmth of the new season?
Use a light inside, a glass bird and an indoor plant.
What is your perception - is this a picture of hope or of deception?

March 5 - Your Collection
I have a very special collection.
I have a collection of babies.
These are my very little, very active grandchildren.
A much livelier collection than most.
March 4 - Smiles
Nothing makes you smile like a bath in Grandma's kitchen sink.
March 3 - A Number
The answer to life, the universe and everything - 42!
Shot with a multiplication filter against the bright window
I attempted to bring a feeling to the number reflective of it's importance.
The vibrant colour, the strong focal point, the reverberating image, and the shallow depth of field
all work together in this image.
As you immerse yourself in this image you know in fact - 
March 2 - Affection
The most sincere sign of affection 
a junior high school student can present you with...
A surprise Starbucks!
March 1 - Wanderlust
"Not all those who wander are lost.” 
― J.R.R. TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring
Looking out my kitchen window I find myself longing for
summer days of travel in my trailer.
Travel to where?
Notice the details in photo that help tell the story.
Flags of every province in the beautiful country I call home.
The caption on the trailer; "Freedom!".
Yet the picture is captured within the frame of the window;
seeming somehow beyond reach;
beyond possibility.
Finally the icicle on the corner of the trailer - 
an indication of days that still need to pass before the wandering can continue.

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