December 31 - Celebrations
When your New Year Celebrations are toddler centred
and it is -30ºC....
You spend the day at Tommy K!
Looking forward to a bright New Year
and wishing everyone the best to come for 2018!
December 30 - Sparkly
Because sometimes you have to embrace your inner crazy...
an outdoor photo project when it's -30ºC.
Still working on how to get those fabulous crystal patterns in a frozen bubble
but I am making progress.
This project is one that you have to be really determined to
work on because it does not work unless it is cold enough outside.
#popsci #frozenbubbles #winter #bubbles #freezing #innercrazy
December 30 - Sparkly
Sometimes one subject is not enough for a photo project.
My official sparkly project will be soon to follow;
but I couldn't resist this one as well.
In my house thanks to a certain 3 year old these are "sparkles".
While they are great on cookies they also may be used as bribery to consume other foods.
It is quite possible on Christmas dinner they were hidden 
in someone's mashed potatoes and vegetables
to encourage a certain little toddler
to consume the dinner he so desperately needs to eat.
This particular action may have caused a social media post by his mother
commenting on my "grandmotherly choices". 😂🤣😜👵🏻
December 29 - POP!
And POP - perhaps life may become manageable once again!
Today's post also provides an Isaac update for those who are wondering about him.
Isaac is doing well enough that the adults in his life (his parents and us) 
are venturing more than an arms length away in an attempt to reclaim our lives.
Isaac's weight has stabilized at 15kgs! We are hoping and praying that this continues, a g-tube in an active three year old is unimaginable. Isaac’s rash is still very much hanging around, it has some flair ups but we haven’t needed any of our pain meds or anti-itch meds in several days. The best news is that his liver is slowly getting better! Many enzymes are still elevated but ALL of them are trending the correct way. Next up a check in with our paediatrician, some repeat lab work, and a follow up with our neurologist. We have seen a big increase in absent seizures (back to several a day) but we have not had any focal/drop seizures since the hospital admission.
This picture was taken while we were at the MOVIE THEATRE!
We stayed out long enough to see a double header - 
"The Last Jedi", and "The Greatest Showman".
December 28 - Slow Sync Flash
When it’s to cold to venture out
To complete your photo projects
You make do with what is in the house. 
“Ghost Train”
Was taken while my husband was busy
working on his “grandpa life” project - 
The model train. 
December 27 - Page 52
Sometimes you open a book to a page that speaks to you...
it was a year where I wish they were all home for Christmas.
Missing all kinds of member of my family who are now spread far and wide.
Hoping for another year where they will be singing...
"I'll be home for Christmas".
December 26 - Gift
When even your snowman is buried in snow...
Mother Natures' gift of 
December 25 - Colourful Lights
No it's not fireworks....
this is what happens when you take a photo
of a colour changing fiberoptic Christmas tree
using a lens racking technique.
Shot at 1.3 sec at f/4.5 ISO 100 22mm
December 24 - Silent Night
Here’s a little irony for my photography blog....
When your life is intertwined with two toddlers
There is never a silent night.
December 23 - Ornaments
Ornamental Reflection
Santa is everywhere if you look close enough.
December 22 - Winter
Christmas math homework...
How much snow has fallen 
when the pile of snow on top of the bird feeder
is greater than the height of the feeder itself?
December 21 - Gift Wrap
The presence of presents
under the tree;
is there a gift there for you or for me?
December 20 - Baking Cookies
A little sprinkle here,
a little sprinkle there,
a little sprinkle everywhere;
'cause Christmas is in the air!
December 19 - I want...
We love to talk about the things we want for Christmas.
This year all I truly want it to be able to rejoice.
Rejoice in being together...
"What else is love but understanding and rejoicing in the fact that another person lives..." 
rejoicing quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
December 18 - Joy
,,,to the World and all who dwell upon our fair planet.
December 17 - Favourite Tradition
The appearance of  miniature winter wonderland in our home
is always the first sign that Christmas is on it's way.
December 16 - Wreath
Colourful and welcoming wreaths are filled with tradition and meaning.
They are hung on doors as a sign of welcome.
They have been said to bring luck
and to invite the Christmas Spirit to dwell within the home
of those who hang them on the door.
Today wreaths are used to communicate a sense of joy
and a desire for peace.
December 15 - Shopping
I wonder how the first Christmas would have played out
if the wisemen could have ordered from Amazon.
December 14 - Decoration
Caught in action, the piano playing snowman
is favorite for some in my home.
For others  over the age of 3 the repetitiveness may be a bit tedious.

December 13 - Silver
Did you expect a silver bell?

December 12 -Excitement
So much excitement when we leave our room.
Now that we are not in isolation we can go to the playroom,
Art studio, and for special events; 
Like to see Santa and his reindeer.
Isaac loves to explore the hospital and see what “Friends” he can find”.
December 11 - Vertical
Look up, look way up!
Above the tree.
What do you see?
December 10 - 12 Things
Twelve beautiful Christmas balls
Hanging in the air
Way above the beautiful Christmas tree
In the common area of the Alberta Children’s Hospital.
December 9 - Cheer
The Calgary Hitman came to the hospital today,
To spread a little cheer.
Teddy Bears for all the little ones,
it was so very dear!
December 8 - Next to Me
Sitting in the hospital room enjoying some play time
With two of my favorite guys next to me.
December 7 - D is for...
Decorate the hospital room to feel festive. 
Isaac is really excited for Christmas; 
So we decided to bring a little Christmas to his room. 
December 6 - Environmental Portrait
When  doctors are mystified over a diagnosis they bring in many different medical consultants.
We have seen teams of doctors from Neurology, Internal Medicine, 
Infectious Disease, Rheumatology, GastroIntenstinal, General Pediatrics, and Dietary. 
Even our teams of doctors have teams of doctors.
It is a little intimidating when they come in to present some of their findings. 
December 5 - Recreate a Favourite Photo
Sitting for hours in the hospital leaves lots of time for reminiscing.
This is a picture of my daughter who is trapped in my grandsons hospital room with me.
We were talking about the project and remembered a picture of her 
when she was tiny like our wee hospital patient.
We borrowed his Mr. Potato Head to recreate the photo.

December 4 - Busy
There are only so many ways to keep a toddler busy
when you are living in a 12 foot square room.
December 3 - In the Distance
When your grandson is admitted to the hospital, 
and put into isolation;
you won't leave his side,
 and you still want to complete your 365 day project you need to get creative.
The next several days projects will be taken from a single hospital room
while I stay with my 3 year old grandson in hospital.
This is a picture of the sun setting outside of his hospital window.
December 2 - Breakfast
Sizzling eggs!
December 1 - First
Well today was the first time my
parent teacher interviews were 
serenaded by a ukulele.
Here's to student marketplaces
in the hallway during parent teacher interviews
and talented student bodies.

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