October 31 - Halloween
My partner in crime and me!
It's spooky when you can have so much fun at work.

October 30 - Pumpkin
Gourd painting is the new toddler craze.
Made especially for me by my two year old grandson.
I couldn't imagine a more beautiful pumpkin.
October 29 - Candy
Made by my hand especially for the
students in my teacher advisor class.
Some may say I have too much time...
really it's just a form of stress relief.
Stop and do something mindless once in awhile...
it is a great mental break.
October 28 - Scary
Scary, spooky, stage makeup.
I know it looks pretty awful but it is completely fake.
My junior high drama students love our stage makeup unit.
I always make sure I do it around Halloween for them.
October 27 - Your
Your favourite pass time of the day oh my tiny humans - 
playing in the corn maze.

October 26 - Bend
Sometimes things are going to bend you;
the darkness and shadows will be your whole view.
Please remember that shadows
don't exist without light;
stand strong now
don't let shadows win the fight.
"Maybe you have to know darkness before you can appreciate the light." - Madeleine L'Engle
October 25 - What I Wore
Look what I wore grandma...
my new gloves!
October 24 - Local
A favourite of children throughout Calgary - 
the Egg at the entrance of the Calgary Zoo.
No trip is complete in our tiny humans world without 
stopping for a sit in the egg on the way home.
October 23 - Family
Lots of pre-Halloween family fun tie with all our tiny humans.
Halloween party time with snacks, crafts, playtime and tons of fun!
October 22 - In Your Bag
When you are a junior high photography teacher
what else would be in your bag
but multiples of the identical camera. 😀😂❤️
October 21 - Tiny
My tiny humans  😃❤️
October 20 - Direction
"Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?"
- Diana Ross (The Theme from Mahogany)
October 19 - Fill the Frame
Easy to do with a sun as big and bright as we had this morning.
October 18 - On the Cutting Board
Fresh veggies anyone?
October 17 - On a Wall
Do you know where you're going to❓
October 16 - In the fall I feel...
I feel blue!
I feel blue that the summer is gone.
I feel blue that the snow will be here before long.
I feel bluer, than blue...
how about you??

October 15 - Last Weekend I...
had some very special company arrive at my house.
Now all the grand babies are together for a couple of weeks.
So much fun; and so much chaos...
October 14 - Jeans
"When I wake up in the mornin' light
I pull on my jeans and I feel all right". - Keith Urban Blue Jeans
October 13 - Fall Leaves
"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall." - Oscar Wilde
I have never found a quote more befitting the drastic changing of the seasons in Alberta.
October 12 - Layers
Well like most of my cooking it isn't quite right...
should be layers and its more smushes.
It still tastes good though.
October 11 - Cozy
This little puppy sure loves to be cozy in her blankets.
October 10 - Apple
An apple a day keeps the doctor away...
this pie should keep the doctor away for at least a month
if I eat it all.
October 9 - Addiction
Hi - my name is Cathy and I'm a floss-aholic. 😂
October 8 - Antique
I thought about posting a picture of myself;
Because my cute little niece calls me “antique” when what she means is “auntie”.😂😂
Instead I choose this picture of my
Antique teacup collection.
October 6 - Loud
The sound of this reverberates through me head LOUDLY!
October 6 - Five Things
Five dice.
Yes it is only five.
The illusion of multiple dice is created through the use of a long exposure 
which captures the motion of the dice
The image is of 5 dice moving through time.

October 5 - Hard Work
or hardly working?
October 4 - Where I Am From
From the land of the maple leaf;
from the land of the snow;
from the land of the cold;
from the land where the leaves can still be green
when the snow comes flying down.
October 3 - Manual Mode
Feelin' blue?
Dark and moody?
Centre it;
and turn it into something of beauty.
October 2 - Rule of Thirds
When you are looking for ways to help your
 grade 7 photography students
The Rule of Thirds.
October 1 - Aperture
Focusing on a superhero.

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