May 31 - Button
Honestly it doesn't even matter if the buttons do anything - 
if there are buttons a kid will push them -
literally or metaphorically :)
May 30 - Negative Space
Why did the Marmot cross the road?
Because he wanted his picture taken in beautiful Kananaskis!
May 29 - Above
"In this world of ours, the sparrow must live
like a hawk if he is to fly at all." - Hayao Miyazaki
Like the hawk may you rise above and soar.
May 28 - Pattern
Seeing stars!
May 27 - Broken
Does it count as broken if it was devoured into his tummy?
He sure isn't impressed it is gone.
His response - "Just one more ice-cream mommy?" 
May 26 - Structure
An engineer's work or art - 
a roller coaster in action.
May 25 - Hot
Reflections and refractions in the glass, ice and water.
How hot does it get when there are dozens of suns in the sky?
May 24 - Soft
Soft white fluffy clouds floating through 
the spring sky.
May 23 - Long Exposure
Music in motion - straight out of the camera.
(No post-processing)
Not your typical use of long exposure;
But when one is on a three hour train ride;
Being entertained by a banjo player;
One begins to play with non-traditional settings on the camera.
Not bad for an experiment.
May 22 - Motion
A fast shutter speed almost froze this bee in motion in mid-air
While he was taking a sip of flower nectar.
Even still you can see the motion of his wings beating so fast they are invisible to the naked eye.
May 21 - Family
The history of Alberta is built on the back of the family farms. 
May 20 - Nature
The best thing about camping is the chance to enjoy nature.
This cute little guy thought he would drop by our campsite for a visit;
Then he stayed for and posed for some portraits.
May 19 - Framed
Creativity extends beyond the lens;
photography extends beyond the frame.
May 18 - Far Away
This little terror is a bit of a theme this week.
Right now he is running far away;
where I certainly hope he will stay.
May 17 - Hidden
He should have stayed hidden...
now he better look out!
May 16 - Out of Focus
Beautiful flowers on my deck, through a lens ball,
using zoom racking to create a sense of motion
and a lack of specific focus.
May 15 - Time
Time to get a MOUSETRAP!!! AAAHHHH!!!!
May 14 - Game
Spring is the time for outdoor fun and games.
Croquet season is upon us.
May 13 - Mother
The mothers in my life
whom without things would not be the same.
Happy mothers day  to all.
May 12 - Living
After such a long winter one wonders what is still alive.
Don't cut things down to quick...look close...
it's still living!!
May 11 - Utensils
Do you like my forking' Flower?
May 10 - Seasonal
'Tis the season to by flowers - falalala lalala. 
May 9 - Landscape
A beautiful picture of Calgary's Bow River
from the bridge at the Calgary Zoo.
May 8 - Sharp
A sharp object, 
taken in sharp focus, 
with my sharp new Canon 80D.
May 7 - Your Workspace
A little flashback to May the 4th (be with you).
This is what it looks like when you are a teacher of multi-media arts 
(drama and photography)
in a school of 11-15 year olds.
It may look like I play all day - oh wait - I do. :)
May 6 - Fence
When the playground you want to go to is under renovation and behind a fence.
May 5 - Stairs
A slinky, a slinky, 
for fun it's a wonderful photography project.
Experimenting with engaging projects 
for junior high students to practice shutter speed with.
May 4 - Low Light Shot With Tripod
May the 4th Be With You!
Of course we had a theme day at school to celebrate.
May 3 - A Hobby
Well I don't know if it truly counts as a hobby
when you have to do it for work.
May 2 - Long Shadows
Grandma what's that on the ground?
May 1 - Water Drops
The world through my eyes;
and through my glasses;
and through drops of water;
and through a kaleidoscope...
so it might be a bit distorted through my eyes.

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