Week 52: Story: Your Story
My story you say....
well it's a busy story.
No matter where I am;
who I am with;
or what I am doing;
there never seems to be enough of me to go around.
I frequently comment that I need to clone myself;
so I thought I would do just that for this last project of the year¬†at least. ūüėĀūüėúūü§£
Week 51: Artistic: Fear
The inspiration for this weeks project was all too real.
A terrifying few weeks while we watched this little baby
experience a medical nightmare.
If you have been following my instagram feed
you know the scary story.
Things are looking better now; but we still have a long road ahead.
Week 50: Technical: Full Edit
This weeks project was to edit the SOOC shot that was used for Week 2.
Here it is edited in all it's glory with the original to compare it to.
A beautiful memory of our trip at the beginning of the year to wonderful Hawaii.
Week 49: Story: Blue Hour
Too cold and too early to go anywhere for an amazing shot;
so, here is a shot of the trees near my house.
I thought it would be a great opportunity to play
with my multiplication filter to get a unique image.
Week 48: Artistic: Bodyscape
This weeks inspiration was the human body...
I didn't have an actual body to use so I thought this drawing mannequin
could help me out.
Week 47: Technical: Shaped Bokeh
The word Bokeh comes from a Japanese word and for a lack of better translation we can refer to it as blur. 
In photography bokeh refers to the quality of blur in the unfocused background, 
and Shaped Bokeh refers to a mysterious quality that happens 
when you place a non circular hole as a new lens filter.
Working with a heart shaped filter and using the lights from my fibre optic Christmas tree
I created this Christmas angel image.
Week 46: Story: Landscape Foreground
A Canadian Winter is cold and bitter;
but even in the midst of this desolate  prairie 
there is beauty to be found.
Week 45: Artistic: Cold
Soap Bubbles in the Snow
Something I have been wanting to try is bubbles in the snow.
Wanted to see how easy it was to try it with my students.
Big surprise it isn't easy; 
and it's very cold...
but still junior high kids would probably have a blast.
Guess I will have to bundle them up and give it a try.
Week 44: Technical: Magic ND Filter
Plate in the Water
Use an ND filter combined with a shutter speed of 30 seconds to create an image.
It was too cold outside to play with water so I thought I would try 
a homemade waterfall with my tiered dessert plate.
Certainly pales in comparison to natures waterfalls but it got the job done.
Week 43: Story: Movement
Capturing movement in a still photo was this weeks challenge.
I thought it would be fun to capture a whirlwind of leaves flying through the air.
Week 42: Artistic: Music
The inspiration this week is music and it is wide open and meant for fun so....
"Take another shot of courage 
Wonder why the right words never come 
You just get numb 
It's another tequila sunrise,this old world 
still looks the same, 
Another frame, mm..." 

Week 41: Technical: Levitation
A levitating puppy in a twisted hoodoo world.
There is some serious magic happening here.
(photoshop magic anyway)
Week 40: Story: Colorful B&W
This weeks project...
Tell the story of a colourful scene. 
Because this is the advanced challenge no flowers. 
Do it in Black and White.
Now that was a challenge - enjoy my picture of coloured pencil crayons.
Can you see the rainbow?
Hint: Look for the names of the colours.
Week 39: Art: Water
Winter is coming!
Evacuate the underground!
Blowing out the underground sprinklers is an annual ritual
in this land of frozen tundra.
It is a tedious job to say the least. 
Thank goodness the job is under my husband's jurisdiction not mine.
I tried to catch the water drops in the air  as the compressor forced them out of the sprinkler head.
Week 38: Technical: 50mm
The best thing about my 50mm prime lens is it's amazing potential to create shallow depth of field.
This is a picture of the wicker furniture in my studio.
It was shot at 50mm 1/60 sec at f/1.8 ISO 1000.

Week 37 - Story: Balance
Balance is the compositional technique of giving each area in a scene equal visual weight.
You can achieve balance using colour, tone, or juxtaposed subjects.
Using these freezes (which I had to physically balance on each other);
I attempted to create balance using a geometric composition
and contrasting colours.
Week 36 - Artistic: Low Key
Better watch out...
these creepy little clowns are popping out of the darkness to get you.
Low key is an image where the majority of the tonal range is in the dark ranges.
I think I got it!

Week 35 - Technical: Stitched Panorama
Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration to shoot for a project. 
This time that was the furthest from the case. 
The panorama vistas were endless in Waterton National Park and I could not stop at one. 
Enjoy with me the sweeping vistas of this beautiful landscape through this weeks photos.
Week 34 - Story: Stranger
And on this weeks episode of 52 weeks....
tell a story of a stranger using their environment to inform the viewer of the story.
We met James and Stephania while camping at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.
We were lucky to have them as neighbours where we got to know a bit about their story.
James and Stephania are from Edmonton and have two children as told by Maximus who is 4 1/2.
 Maximus told me Justus is 9 1/2; and of course there is also Lexi the dog who is 1 1/2.
(I love how from a 4 1/2 year old everybody has to get that 1/2 year in on their age.)
The real story here though is how lucky this lovely family is.
The reason they were camping is because they won a week use of the lovely rig behind them.
Stephania follows a blog called, "Edmonton Momma". 
(previously known as Frugal Edmonton Momma)
The blog had a contest with Go RV in Red Deer 
and the next thing you know their luck got even better - they got to camp beside us.

Week 33 - Artistic: High Key
The mission....
to use high key as artistic inspiration.
Usually used in portraiture high key uses unnaturally bright light
to blow harsh shadows.
It results in a very white background against which stands out your subject.
White on white  high key - not an easy goal...
but this macro rocks the style!
Week 32 - Technical: HDR
A lovely landscape using HDR - 
3 images blended in together to create this exposure.
Week 31 - Story: Frame Within A Frame
This picture has it all - the story of my summer... 
beautiful weather,
beautiful new friends,
beautiful opportunity to learn something new,
beautiful campus to learn it on!
Week 30 - Artistic: Family
This challenge required a shot of a family portrait with no people in the image.
The story of our family often includes parties and food.
This story is about a certain little 3 year olds birthday party.
Minion cupcakes for everybody in the family!
Cupcakes aren't that exciting to take a picture of;
so I thought I would try a little 
long exposure slap zoom effect
to jazz things up.
Week 29 - Technical: Water Drop
Putting all my new skills to good use....
I love the sense of motion and the use of depth of field in this shot.
The spot focus is exactly where I meant it to be.
I had a vision for what the photo should look like 
and I achieved exactly what I set out to capture.
Week 28 - Story: Portrait as Landscape
The environment helps to tell the story.
The viewers interpretation of the visual representation is the testimony to the message in the portrait. 
So... can you tell me the story?
(If you know my husband your interpretation may take on a unique twist. ūüėú)

Week 27 - Artistic: Communication
There is definitely some communication going on here .
This really is a wolf not a dog;
but don't worry he is Hollywood wolf;
 so not so scary as somebody here wants you to believe.
Week 26 - Technical: Light Painting
Thought I would try to use a sparkler to light paint with.
A 30 second exposure in a dark room.
Oh yeah don't forget to wear gloves while you have the sparkler in your hand. 

Week 25 - Story: Toy Story
The project stated that it did not mean the movie; however....
this weekend was about nothing else.
My grandson's life right now revolves around his Woody and Buzz!
While he was having a sleepover I asked him if he would like 
to have some pictures taken with Woody and Buzz.
I have never seen him so excited to have his picture taken.
I told him we could go outside and he could pick where he wanted the pictures taken.
As we went out the door you could see he was really considering this very important decision.
He quickly settled on the little garden down at the edge of the front yard - 
closest to my neighbours house.
So off we went to get settled and take some pictures 
that would take us ...
Week 24 - Green
The colour of spring - GREEN!
How many shades of green can you find in this picture?
Week 23 - Technical: f/8 Portrait
A few days ago my 365 challenge had me focus on shooting at 35mm and I did a portrait of my puppy for it.
This challenge focus' on shooting at f/8. It also specified not to use depth of field to make your subject stand out.
 I wanted to see how I would create  a portrait of my puppy focusing on this element instead.
First I wanted to show the focusing depth of f/8 so I needed to move back and take in more background.
The depth of the details became more important through the entire picture so I really FOCUSED (haha)
on the detail throughout making the texture of her fur and the couch have a real sense of touch.
Definitely a different portrait then my 35mm one.

Week 22 - Story: Geometric Shapes
Demands of an almost 3 year old...
Blankets are this boys world. 
Here is is sporting one of the blankets I made for him.
(They all need to be fuzzy and have satin trim.)
This one happens to have rectangles all over it.
However the real geometric story here is that he wanted his blanket folded - 
into a TRIANGLE!
Then he wanted to have it tied around his neck and pulled up over his face.
Not sure where he learned to pretend to be a bandit?
Week 21 - Artistic: Soft
Soft and fuzzy seed pods floating in the breeze;
it really is just too bad
 all they do is make me sneeze!
Week 20 - Technical: Sky Overlay
Nothing wrong with a beautiful blue sky behind a cute deer...
except that the project was a sky overlay.
So - sunset at the beach it is!

Week 19 - Story: Back Yard
Conservation begins in your own backyard.
Declining bee populations are a real concern.
Beautiful blossoming buds bring on the buzzing bees.
Week 18 - Artistic: Purple
Purple the colour of
royalty, magic and mystery.
A sign of life; the power of spring
majestic blossoms that bloom and grow  - 
that is a royal magical mystery .
Week 17 - Loop Lighting
This 52 week project is pushing me to learn new techniques.
Loop lighting is a portrait lighting technique which results in a loop shaped shadow under the nose.
This technique adds depth to your portrait. 
I didn't have anyone around so I thought this mask might make a nice still subject 
while I practiced for an hour to get it close to right.
Week 16 - Story: Leading Lines
This is something I haven't focused on too much (no pun intended - well ok small pun intended).
Not really sure this was the most effective use of leading lines but it's a start.
Week 15 - Artistic: Hard
Shoot fast!
Shooting birds is always hard.
Even when they are just sitting it is hard to get them in focus and not scare them off.
Shooting them in flight - now that is REALLY hard!
I know it's just a magpie but love that I got him in flight.
And the colours in a magpie's tail feathers are really so beautiful.
Shot at 1/100sec at f/7.1 ISO 800 with a 400mm lens. 
Week 14 - Technical: Panning
Time to learn a technique I have never tried before.
Thank goodness for my grandson's toy cars.
Lots of practice gave me a reasonable result.
This is definitely a technique that requires practice.
Week 13 - Story: Golden Hour
What a beautiful way to spend the golden hour -
on a plane chasing the sunset home.
The longest golden hour of my life as we flew west chasing the sunset.
The reflection of the sun off the tarmac while the plane readied for takeoff was stunning.
Week 12 - Artistic: Orange
"Orange" you glad that I took this shot my with 100mm macro.

Week 11 - Technical: Split Tone
This is a technique I have not used before so I gave it a try.
I decided a simple picture that is only two tones to begin with would be a good way to begin.
I found that the highlight and shadow tones looked best in the picture if they were within the same tonal range.
I added in a graduated filter to give a light flare effect.
Overall not bad for a first attempt I figure.
Week 10 - Story: Perspective
And this my friends is why we do these projects.
Perspective shots are not my thing!
This shot is very amateur looking.
My goal was to try to work on focus
from the front of the shot to the back.
Success - however; I soon realized the perspective really did not work out.
I so needed to have more distance between the dinosaur and the baby to make the perspective work.
I also neglected to pay any attention to my lighting so the shadow behind the baby is really harsh.
Nothing like shooting out of your practiced comfort zone to make you feel like an amatuer!
Week 9 - Artistic: Still Life
Milk with your tea? Just a drop please.
Inspiration this week was still life; with the challenge to be creative
and think outside of the proverbial box of fruit.
The real challenge was to make the tea and milk pour into the cup
without any hands to make it pour.
Magic! - NO photoshopping!
What's your best photographic magic trick without using photoshop?
Week 8 - Technical: One Shot
This challenge was to only take one shot. 
No deleting, no 2nd shot.
Shooting kids adds an unpredictability to the equation; 
but that was my choice of subject so off I went. 
I was watching my grandchildren play in their play area at their home.
I was sure I wanted to catch the two year old crawling through his tunnel;
but low behold cooperation is not the name of that boys game. 
His sister is always more cooperative - mostly because she doesn't move as fast.
Shooting from above into her ball pit I caught this cute shot.
The yellow hue may be a bit much; but the ball pit is in a yellow tent 
so it had nothing to do with white balance here.
Week 7 - Story: Forgotten
This is a building forgotten for sure.
This is what remains of the front entrance of what was once the Calgary General Hospital.
The story of it's history as told by Andrew Guilbert in Avenue Calgary on May 4, 2015.
The building's cornerstone was laid September 1, 1894, and built using¬†Romanesque¬†designs by architects¬†Child and Wilson. It was the first ‚Äėreal‚Äô hospital in the city (the first actual hospital was just a rented two-storey house located at 733 7th Ave S.W. that had four beds and even a few bullet holes). These ruins were from a building that¬†initially had 35 beds, a nursing school and an operating room, with several additions coming in subsequent years, including two maternity wings and a second ward. Modern for its time, it had electric amenities, telephones and a signal bell system.

Week 6 - Artistic: Candy
M&M's may melt in your mouth and not in your hands;
but they also melt in a glass of hot water. 
Shot at 1/60 sec at f/2.8, ISO 800 with 100 macro lens;
I wanted to focus on the cracks in the melting candy coating
and the colour running off into the water.
Week 5 - Technical: Ten Shots
We purchased this beautiful geode on our travels around the Rockies.
I choose this object for my technical ten shot subject because of the sparkle
and the many aspects which allow for different focus.
During the project I used different lenses to achieve different focal lengths.
Differences in use of aperature and ISO also created many different feels to these shots.
This was my favorite - I love the way the crystals sparkle and dance in the light.
This was shot at 1/200 sec at f/4.5, ISO 100 with 100mm macro lens.
Week 4 - Story: Mirror
The story of infinity. Mirrors reflecting in mirrors; reflecting in mirrors; reflecting in mirrors.
It is a story with no beginning and no end. 
This photo was taken by having 3 mirrors closed in on each other so the reflections repeated endlessly.
I love the geometric result.
Even in the chaos of no beginning and no end there is a clear and definite pattern.
Order in the face of chaos.
(1/100 sec at f/14, ISO 200, 22mm)
Week 3 - Artistic: Land
A lovely shot of a bridge in Confederation Park. 
Confederation Park was created in 1967 to mark the centennial of Canadian Confederation.
This picture is all about our beautiful land - Canada.
The snow, the fir trees, the beautiful wilderness.
Oh Canada - our home and native land....
(1/400 sec at f/14, ISO 400, 50mm)
Week 2 - Technical: SOOC (Straight out of Camera)
A picture of Holy Ghost Mission in Kula, Hawaii. Shot at 1/25 sec at f/25, ISO 100 at 14mm. 
I was aiming to get the sun to star shining through the steeple of the church.
Week 1 - Story: Rule of Thirds
These 3 white-faced Ibis' were photographed at the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge on Maui. A lovely photo to work on the rule of thirds telling a story. Three birds are each situated in one third of the picture. The picture also divides nicely into thirds from the top to bottom.
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