January 31 - Motion Blur
Class change in the stairwell 
with herds of junior high students
definitely creates a blur of motion.
January 30 - Natural Light
"By the light of the silvery moon"...
it may soon be a blood red, blue, supermoon soon;
but for now as it rises and the sun sets;
 it is an exquisite example of the most natural of light sources.
January 29 - Cold
When it's a chinook outside in January
you look elsewhere for inspiration on cold.
January 28 - Fancy
"Good evening, Sir",
said the mysterious man as he took a seat in the darkened room.
"How do you do? It's a pleasure to meet you."

January 27 - Magic
The illusion of magic using photoshop magic.
The only part that is computer generated is the lightening.
The lightbulb and finger we the original shot with the lighting the lighting on the hand original to the shot.
The colour on the lightbulb has been altered by photoshop but the exposure has not.
January 26 - Stars
I got a pulse - no not a biological one -
one for my camera.
Just starting to play with it 
which meant I didn't have to sit outside in the cold
while my camera took this shot of the stars.
The shot may not be magnificent
but sitting inside warm while my camera took the picture was! :)
January 25 - Cozy
Thursday night is the new Friday night
when Friday day is a PD Day.
No kids tomorrow = no work tonight.
Enjoying a cozy night by the fire.
January 24 - Food
I am typically uninspired to take photos of food
so I looked to technique for inspiration today.
Time to try something new (and I don't mean to eat).
This photographic style is referred to as Chiaroscuro.
The character of these photos is defined through the dark and dramatic style of the photo. 
January 23 - Handwriting 
Looking for inspiration for today’s project I looked to my junior high photography class. 
I asked them to handwrite something they thought would inspire me to shoot. 
While many junior high students today do not know how to write cursive,
And many write illegibly,
I still had many wonderful ideas to choose from. 

January 22 - Transportation
Never too cold in Canada for a little bike ride through the park.
January 21 - Hugs
Nothing receives more hugs than little one's stuffies.
January 20 - Black and White
Just a pretty bridge in black and white.
January 19 - Popcorn
National Popcorn Day is annually observed January 19th.
"As early as the 16th century, popcorn was used in headdresses worn during Aztec ceremonies honoring Tlaloc, their god of maize and fertility. Early Spanish explorers were fascinated by the corn that burst into what looked like a white flower. Popcorn started becoming popular in the United States in the middle 1800s. It wasn’t until Charles Cretors, a candy-store owner, developed a machine for popping corn with steam that the tasty treat became more abundantly poppable. By 1900 he had horse-drawn popcorn wagons going through the streets of Chicago."
January 18 - Strangers
🎼 Strangers in the park 
Exchanging glances.
🎶 Wandering in the park
What were the chances;
They’d be sharing love...
Before the night was through? 🎵🎵🎵
(based on the tune “Strangers in the Night” by Frank Sinatra - release date May 30, 1966)
Not only were they strangers to me;
They were strangers to each other;
On their first date
A romantic winter evening walk in the park. 💖💞
January 17 - Zoom In
Lichen Ice
Look close, look very close. 
In the very dead of winter,
when you look very close
There is a little greenery
Underneath the ice and snow. 
January 16 - Hot Drink
On a busy day
take time to smell the coffee
because adulting is hard.
May your coffee kick in before your reality does.

January 15 - Hat
New iPhone tricks
Working with taking a long exposure with an iPhone using the live picture feature.
Unfortunately you can't adjust just how long a long exposure is.
This picture of the person throwing the hat into the air became a blur where the hat did not show at all.
So what next?
Save out the live picture a frame at a time in Lightroom.
 Then layer the frames  using opacity in photoshop.
You create a multi-exposure effect combined with iPhones long exposure mode.

January 14 - J is For
Jams and Jellies all on sale.
January 13 - Dreams
Giving that blank stare at the moment of rude awakening
 when your dream is abruptly interrupted
by someone bursting your bubble.
January 12 - Frosty
Through The Other Side of the Glass
Are you lucky enough to sit in the vehicle while someone scrapes the windshield for you?
I am!
And this is what it looks like -
January 11 - Friends
You know someone is a friend when they let you take a picture of them
and then do ridiculous things digitally to the photo
to practice your photoshop skills.
January 10 - Low Angle
When a puppy takes a selfie on your phone on the floor.
January 9 - Gift
My grandchildren love when I give them candy of course.
However, the almost 2 year old has decided all candy must have wrappers to take off.
Have you ever noticed how few candies suitable for a 2 year old there are with wrappers?

January 8 - Blue
There has been a lot of bubble talk going on with the cold temperatures.
For today's project I thought I would try some inside bubbles.
When you are bored doing laundry try blowing bubbles in your BLUE fabric softener.
It makes great bubbles.

January 7 - Sunrise
Thankful sunrise happens late around these parts in the winter.
A lovely morning walk in the crisp winter snow leads to a stunning sunrise display.
January 6 - Sleep
It’s supposed to be sleeping time baby;
Close your eyes and quit peaking out from under that blankie. 
January 5 - Birds
The blue jays do love my backyard and I love watching them.
The do seem rather camera shy though...
every time I get out my camera they seem to fly away.
Not this time! I GOTCHA'!
January 4 - Ice
Oh Mr. Sun please melt this land of ice!
Plenty of ice to go around in this country,
yet; the sunshine seems to be poking through and making some of it melt away.
January 3 - Dark
The darkest of colours and the darkest of nightmares.
Black on black for today's challenge was the way to go for me.
Yet something creepy needed to sparkle through.
What does this little doll see in the distance that scares her so much that she has to hide?
January 2 - Resolutions
A New Year brings new resolutions.
Whether it’s to eat better,
Exercise more, read more, or learn more.
The root of our human nature is the drive to better ourselves and the world around us.
“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing 
would suffice to solve most of the world’s problem.” - Mahatma Ghandi

January 1 - New
New Year;
new opportunities; new goals; new dreams; new hopes; 
new pictures; new frames;
old memories to be held near to your heart.
This is a picture of my new photographic project;
a new frame to showcase each years birthday picture
of my beautiful grandbabies as they grow and change.

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