October 31 - Scary
Little monsters are the scariest monsters.
 I would know my house currently contains two of them.
October 30 - Pumpkins
1 little, 2 little, 3 little pumpkins....
4 little, 5 little, 6 little pumpkins....
so many varied colourful pumpkins...
'cause colours mean so much!
Some are orange 'cause that's the original;
Some are teal for allergy free treats;
Some are purple for epilepsy ;
and some are all the colours together!
October 29 - Abandoned
What a toddler's bed looks like when he abandons it after nap time.
October 28 - Moon
Brilliant moon in the beautiful sunset sky.
Today the moon though it would rise a little early.
October 27 - Candy
I want Candy! I want Candy!
October 26 - Fear
...or fun?
This little ghost has seen his reflection. 
Is he scared?
Are you?
October 25 - Peek-a-Boo
A favourite game for this little princess.
She loves to play it with her beloved blanket over her head.
October 24 - Looking Up
It's all in the perspective.
This is what water pouring out of a faucet looks like
when you are looking up at it from under the water.
Thank goodness for underwater cameras.
October 23 - Back-lit
I went for what is naturally back-lit.
When it is lit from behind this lamp looks beautiful with it's rich painted colours.
October 22 - Full
This little glass dish has had it's fill of glass.

October 21 - Harvest
Fall harvest time @Calgary Corn Maze & Fun Farm.
October 20 - Fantasy
What little fantasy world is this wee one's mind part of?
She is so involved and engaged in her own little world.
Happy and content the world of a toddler - SOMETIMES anyway. 
October 18 - Glass
Round, round we go...
Watch the fruit spin in my lovely glass bowl.
October 19 - Fall Foliage
This more more fall foliage that any one person deserves.
Sigh...time to find the rake.
October 17 - O is for...
the fiery, bright orange, sunrise sky.
October 16 - Bright
The bright Autumn sun shining down on us.
October 15 - Every Day
An every day sight in the autumn in rural Alberta.
October 14 - Diamond
Yup; that's a diamond!
October 13 - Metal
Need a subject for metal?
Walk into your husbands workshop and open any drawer.
Who knows what they are for?
Really does it matter?
For now they are for a photoshoot and that is all that counts. :)
October 12 - Infinity
A reflection, of a reflection, of a reflection, of a reflection....
This is what happens when you open 3 mirrors into each other in a triangle and shoot up.
October 11 - Plant
A Canadian Autumn knows nothing  more colourful than the leaves on a maple tree.
October 10 - Pink
For a little fun
shooting pink gems 
and then photoshopping them with glowing edges.
October 9 - Fashion
A Halloween fashion show just for you.
October 8 - Something Yummy
What happens when your birthday collides with thanksgiving?
You get birthday PIE!
October 7 - Ten Things
10 little ghosts
flying through the night.
First they say boo...
then they run out of sight!
October 6 - Outside
A lovely moment spent on PD day
with friends carving our walking sticks
for our years journey.
Of course this was the peaceful moments before the bloody moments!
October 5 - Curve
The nice gentle curve of a fall wreath.
October 4 - Hidden
I found this left over patch of horrible snow 
in the middle of this brightly coloured fall garden.
October 3 - Foreground
Tree through an icy window
October 2 - My Favourite Drink
Java, Bean Juice, Brain Juice, High Octane, 
Wakey Juice, Liquid Energy, Caffeine Infusion, Rocket Fuel
a cuppa....
October 1 - Not Yet Finished
Looking for things to entertain an appointment laden 3 year old 
I launched into digitizing all my old children's records for him to listen to.
The other grandkids might also benefit from this labour of love ;)
#digitalworld #vinyl #digitizing #grandmaprojects

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