August 31 - The Sky
Fire in the Sky!
This is what sunrise looks like when the sky
is filled with smoke from the fires in British Columbia.

August 30 - Courage
Today's post is about courage;
the courage to pursue despite setbacks that seem like mistakes.
Sometimes those mistakes are just alternative answers.
Chewing gum is an example of such an alternative answer.
Thomas Adams was experimenting with the substance as an alternative to rubber 
when every experiment was failing.
Sitting in his workshop looking for the courage to carry on he popped a piece of the substance in his mouth.
In 1870 he opened the world's first chewing gum factory 
as a result of his courage to continue beyond his mistakes.
August 29 - Back to School
It's really August 30th but it was back to school today for us.
What a wonderful treat from our new admin team.
Here's cheers to a great year!
August 28 - Triangle
A long day at Alberta Children's Hospital.
The play places there are spectacular.
August 27 - Horizon
In the land of the hoodoos horizons can look a little different.
The people of this land believe this land is where the spirits wander.
If you look closely maybe you can see the face of one.
#writingonstoneprovincialpark #travelalberta #horizons

August 26 - Refreshing
What could be more refreshing on a hot day
than eating a freebie while you dip your feet in the cool river.
#dogdaysofsummer #writingonstoneprovincialpark #travelalberta

August 25 - Movement
This picture looks like a very still landscape but...
the movement while slow is very significant.
The hoodoos at Writing on Stone Provincial park hoodoos are eroding
 at a rate as rapid as one centimetre per year 
- quicker than virtually any other geological structure. 
In terms of the surface of the earth that is a LOT of movement.
Human movement is also implied in this photo.
Believe me it takes a lot of movement to climb this stairs up and down
from the campground to the top of the hill 
- the only place in the park with cellphone reception.
August 24 - Home
The best things about travelling is being able to call a new place home everyday. 
Today our new home is in Writing on Stone Provincial Park. 
Glad we finally got the opportunity to visit this awe inspiring area. 
August 23 - Stuffed
What hubby and I will be once we consume these wonderful meals 
at #Zumas in #WatertonNationalPark.
August 22 - Hot
This is what hot looks like at 
Red Rock Canyon in Waterton National Park.
With temps in the high 20's everyone wants to play in that water.
A fabulously busy place to be.
August 21 - Symmetry
The symmetry of the spherical orbs in the sky.
So much fun to get to shoot the eclipse during my vacation.
A quick stop at Fort Steele Park in Beautiful British Columbia
while we were on the road
allowed for perfect timing to capture this magnificent event.
Thanks to All Star Telescopes for having solar film in stock 
in copious amounts for us slow to pick up our eclipse necessities.
August 20 - Energy
The energy of a waterfall.
The energy of nature.
The revitalizing energy of a soak 
in mineral filled hot springs.
It sounds like a commercial- 
@Fairmont Hot Springs Resort!

August 19 - The First Person You See Today
What a lucky grandma I am
To be able to see this beautiful face
 first thing in the morning. 
August 18 - Journey
This year's adventure journey takes us from
The beautiful Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, 
Through Waterton Nation Park,
And Writing on Stone Provincial park. 
Looking forward to some awesome opportunities to
Work on landscape and astral photography. 
August 17 - Water
When you are 3 water is only good  for playing in. 
We are currently on vacation with our grandson 
At the beautiful Fairmont Hot Spring Resort in BC. 
The most common phrase of the day is, 
"Let's go to the poo!"
It's a good thing we speak 3 year old
And know he wants to go to the POOL!
August 16 - Fruit
A lovely fruit display at a lovely place with lovely people on a lovely evening. 
Thank you to my Uncle, Aunt and Cousin for the wonderful night out at Stage West.
August 15 - Arrow
When you are looking to find something
Always look for an arrow to point you in the direction you need to go.
This arrow pointed me to a fabulous company -
All-Star Telescope in Didsbury, AB.
The only company anywhere who still has supplies required
for shooting pictures of the solar eclipse!
And they couldn't be kinder and more helpful to boot!

August 14 - W is for...
What, when and white.
WHAT happens,
WHEN you don't have enough coloured marshmallows;
you have to add
WHITE ones to finish your marshmallow squares.
August 13 - Corners
When you want to be away from your troop
you go to the corner for some alone time.
August 12 - Today's Temperature
Hot enough for a water ride at the amusement park!
Believe it or not my daughter and husband are somewhere
in the midst of that very large splash.
August 11 - Family
What do you call a family of birds
when they are not even the same species?
August 10 - Half
Half - past 3 that is.
August 9 - Back
Little girls and their secrets;
hiding back in the grass;
with their backs to us.
August 8 - Feet
Raise you feet in the air
like you don't care.
Run around and play
each and every day.

August 7 - Shutter Speed 1/1000
Just what you need to capture the speed
of the action of the playground.

August 6 - Sunshine
Reflections on a Sunny Day
August 5 - Eight Things
Eight Happy Hiking Campers - and two dogs!
A great chance for a group shot on the Heart Creek Trail in Kananaskis.

August 4 - F3.5 or Lower
Under the Nightmare tree!
Working on portraiture lighting in an outdoor environment;
I took this shot under a big fir tree the kids call the nightmare tree.
Shot at f1.8 for 1/500 of a second ISO 200
with a 50mm lens.

August 3 - What I Wore
A macro shot of the fabric of one of my favourite shirts.
I love the textures and colours in this fabric.
To capture the opacity of the fabric I draped it over my softbox and let the light shine through.
August 2 - Sharp
Shot with 100mm macro at 1/20 sec f2.8 ISO 800
this old handsaw still has what it takes.
Notice the sawdust flying as the saw rips through this piece of wood.
August 1 - Bucket List
Like sand on the beach
my bucket list is never static.
Re-written with each new morning tide
life is full of grains of sand just waiting to be found.

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