September 30 - Empty

September 29 - A Picture of a Picture
In photography class I tell my students pictures mean nothing if they are not shared.
Pictures in a box are memories hidden away.
This is a picture of my picture wall. 
Four of the frames are digital and constantly display thousands of pictures.
#lovelookingatpictures #nevertoomanypictures #donothidethemaway
September 28 - Walking Away
When some one is walking away from somewhere,
it means they are walking towards somewhere else.
This picture of my happy girl and her happy puppy is a beautiful metaphor
for what happens as our little ones grow up.
They walk away from us towards their future, their dreams, and the lives they want to have.
Remember when someone is walking away they aren't leaving you;
they are inviting you to follow them to where they want to go.
#grownuplife #notsolittleanymore #whathappenedtomybaby #followtothefuture
September 27 - Unexpected
I certainly did not expect to have to get a new phone in the midst of our current chaos.
Wanted to wait for the 10's to come out; but for now I have an SE;
because when one is currently experiencing an unusual amount of emergency calls,
one needs a phone that works!
September 26 -Tell a Story
This is the story of how exhausted I currently am!
I'm not usually one to whine but seriously....
anytime now things could take a turn for the better;
then we could all rest easy.
September 25 - Origin
From the origins of the earth...
many millions of years ago...
fossils and crystals that tell us the story of our earth's origins so long ago.
September 24 - Discarded
Look close...
what do you think it is??
Ocean or mountains from high in the sky?
Clouds up above on a stormy day?
Foamy suds?
Nope - actually it's dryer lint!
I thought it would make a fun textured macro shot.

September 23 - Faceless Portrait
For faceless a silhouette makes an effective project.
September 22 - Fall
Leaves falling in my garden.
Loved the yellow one popping out in the middle of the others.
The green contrast from the evergreens brings a nice depth to the picture I think.
September 21 - Goodbye Summer
Fall, leaves, fall
Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away; 
Lengthen night and shorten day; 
Every leaf speaks bliss to me 
Fluttering from the autumn tree. 
I shall smile when wreaths of snow 
Blossom where the rose should grow; 
I shall sing when night’s decay 
Ushers in a drearier day.
September 20 - E is for...
Excellent - as in this birthday cake momma made me
For my 1st birthday is excellent.
#toddlersofinstagram #firstbirthday #smashcake
September 19 - Where I Relax
Right now - anywhere I can.
When crisis' hit a family 
it is important to use the little moments to take care of yourself.
This is a shot of a beautiful, peaceful moment on the beach at Comox
That I took before returning to my current life of chaos.
#momentsoftranquility #epilepsyhell #nuerokids #familycrisis
September 18 - Sports
Well certainly not something I can do; 
But it sure looks like fun.
#windyday #costalsports
September 17 - Rectangle
How many rectangles do you see?
Who knew so many old playgrounds that didn't meet currency safety standard still existed.
#militarytowns #militarystandards #militarykids
Septembr 16 - Space
Flying home from a special weekend in Comox celebrating one grandsons first birthday.
The vast sky and stars a perfect view of the infinite world of space.
Posts are days behind because of the chaos of family matters.
There may be an infinite amount of space here;
But there is definitely not an infinite amount of time.
September 15 - Reflection 
Off into the wild blue yonder.
September 14 - Dinner
Would you like fries with that?
September 13 - Wood
This is the wood of the cross on which hung out Savior Jesus Christ.
September 12 - Nine Things
"Nine really attractive school lockers", she said; dripping with sarcasm.
September 11 - Baby
Grandma's precious baby is having a rough time. 
Spending lots of quality time at Alberta Children's Hospital with neurology.
September 10 - Light
Not all light is created equal.
This is the beautiful warm glow of my salt lamp.

September 9 - Souvenir
A beautiful reminder of our 10th wedding anniversary.
September 8 - Clouds
Will smoke do? 
I don't know if there are clouds in the sky because I can't see through the smoke.
September 7 - Gold
Oh Mr. Sun, Sun
Mr. Golden Sun
Please shine down on me
Oh Mr. Sun, Sun
Mr. Golden Sun
Hiding behind a tree
September 6 - Continuous Shooting Mode
Today's math problem is this...
A sparkler is lit at 7:03:43pm and finishes burning at 7:03:58pm.
The photographer is shooting on continuous mode at 1/320 sec on a Canon Rebel t5i.
They are using an SD card with a write speed of 300MB/s.
How many frames can the photographer snap while the sparkler burns?
HINT: The answer is not the number of shots in this picture.
September 5 - Path
Path's lead us many places...
some good, some not;
this one  just leads to my garden.
September 4 - Stairs
I have a soft spot for these guys.
Most would call them "dwarfs";
but when my daughter was little she liked Dopey the best.
As a result in her world they were all "The Dopes".
Sept 3 - Wildlife
This beautiful little sparrow crashed into my window
and completely stunned himself.
Good news I got great pictures;
better news he is absolutely fine.
After posing for portraits he flew off happy as can be.
September 2 - Stripes
Stripes, checks and Minion boots - 
Now that is a toddler fashion statement if I ever saw one.
September 1 - A  Pile of ....
Sh...eets of paper.
It must be September.
This is the pile of paper sitting on my desk
waiting for the students to arrive on Tuesday.
At least I'm ready; I think...

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